Brooklyn Sunburn by Teen Daze

Teen Daze will release on May 22nd All Of Us, Together, his first full-length. With the amount of success Jamison has reached in recent years, this seems a little ridiculous. He has put out multiple singles and EPs here and there, and even finds time to produce just as successfully under his other project Two Bicycles. But this Teen Daze LP will be different. It’s an homage to utopian visions marred by futuristic synths and grounding emotions. Over on The Fader, Jamison has been quoted as saying, “We’re becoming more and more self-reliant, more and more separated from our communities. I wanted to make a record that sounded more synthetic but also inviting. This is futuristic music with a heart.” In other words, this record has the all the elements of a timeless classic: one that is capable of transporting us to an unrealized world but still retains beauty from the now. Check out “Brooklyn Sunburn” below. (via LFTF)

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Death Of The Emcee by Mac Miller

“Death of the MC” simply describes Miller’s attitude that got him to the prominent position he’s in today and compares himself to people who talk a good game but with no end product. Word. (via Hypetrak

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Rockin' High (Miami Kidz Bootleg) by Fedde Le Grand

Who says you can't party on a Tuesday? Tonight I'd like to introduce to all of you the newest project based out of Germany and they’re calling themselves the Miami Kidz. Already, they are making paper with an official label release via Armada Records. The group just wrapped up work on a stellar bootleg remix of Fedde Le Grand and Mitch Crown‘s “Rocking High” and that’s exactly what we’re posting up below. (via The Get Downnn)

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Now I Understand by The Flaming Lips & Erykah Badu

The Flaming Lips are kicking off 2012 with a typically obtuse, psychadelic mini-release you’ll only have a week to check out. “Now I Understand,” just uploaded to the band’s SoundCloud for a few days, features vocal contributions from frontman Wayne Coyne’s Siri iPhone 4s app alongside the mystical stylings of Erykah Badu and a reversed Biz Markie sample. The end product is surprisingly listenable for all its strange disparate parts – we just wish Siri always sounded like Erykah Badu, whose haunting pipes perfectly ground the spacey strangeness of everything else.(via PMA)

"Life is beautiful. Music gets you high."

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News: The Mission EP by Eric Lau

Watch as Eric Lau talks about his latest release The Mission EP featuring none other than Guilty Simpson. A 7-track EP that is definately worth your while. The track below is "Can You Feel It? (feat. Guilty Simpson & Fatima)", the second single from the album following "The Mission's" release. (via Word Is Bond)

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Don't Give Up (Norman Doray & Albin Myers Private Bootleg) by Chicane

Any self-professing club aficionado appreciates that where timeless Electronic outings are concerned, Chicane’s infamous collaboration with Bryan Adams takes the biscuit as far as its longevity and continuous modern appeal are concerned. But where Chicane’s beloved original churned global hysteria from day one, the highly anticipated bootleg by Parisian House monger Norman Doray and his like-minded Swedish Peer Albin Myers has struck similar gold. First dropped in 2009 at Sunburn Festival in Goa, the suspense surrounding the duo’s much-adored take on the cultivating club anthem has been lapped up across the globe, making a swell of positive noise for this mysterious unofficial remodel from two of European House music’s most sought-after players. 

Having donned his debut compilation to Strictly and with forthcoming stormer Trilogy alongside Arno Cost and Laidback Luke, Doray has proven himself a true European beatsmith, while Stockholm’s Myers has continued to whip up global recognition with his solid peak time offerings while relishing in the hotly anticipated Hells Bells for Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak label. Together, however, this Progressive dream-team mark an all-time-high for exciting and high quality bootlegs. Fusing Chicane’s unforgettable synth line with their own haunting ethnic lead, the duo drive an impressively heavy backbone into this defining Euphoric history-piece, bringing an essential 21st century front of dancing melodics and well-oiled beats to do a world of justice to this imaginative imitation that boasts twice the energy and excitement of the original. In an age where fusing an accapella to an instrumental constitutes a bootleg, Doray and Myers’ optimal efficiency and undeniable care in the preservation of the energetic backbone to this adored club classic mark that as well as being two of the modern industry’s most respectful players, their ability to make something amazing out of Dance music’s rich history is unrivalled. (via Beat My Day)

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LP: Mpire by Moguai

German DJ/producer Moguai releases his second artist album this time via mau5trap. Mpire, the new project which incorporates elements of electro, techno, and progressive to create a decidedly unique electro-house sound. If you’re looking for something harder than Deadmau5 but a little more subtle than Kill the Noise, this is the album for you. Moguai’s strength here is his ability to maintain a driving energy while sweeping you away on classic progressive synths and chord progressions — there’s power when you need it and patience when you don’t. It’s a very, very solid effort overall. 

While we can’t honestly put Moguai in electro-house’s first tier with veterans like Wolfgang Gartner and Dada Life and scene-storming newcomers Knife Party, that doesn’t detract from this album’s undeniable elegance. (via DancingAstronaut)

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Preview: Eclipse (Why Am I Doing This?) by Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso

When two of Sweden’s hottest House exports joined the country’s most hotly tipped newcomer, the outcome was never going to be mediocre. But that is very much the theme for the meticulous legacy Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso as two-thirds of the globes hottest Electronic outfit to date. Since first engaging the budding talents of Alesso for collaborative floor-filler "Calling," it was evident that the young producer had outgrown his underdog status and we entered 2012 with high hopes for this stirring new school contender. 

Never ones to disappoint in the face of hysteria, Angello and Ingrosso join the young Refune warrior for an extraordinary offering like none other by either artist. Drawing on the flawless samples of Mirock’s 2011 Stealth Records slammer by the same name, this Swedish onslaught draws on the unexpected for its new years resurrection. Flowing seamlessly from its early acid rises into a dark yet progressive romp of clubworthy carnage, any expectations that could have been mustered are blown out of the roof and just when we thought we had seen ever trick in the book the Swedes had to offer, here they are back on track to prove their legacy is anything but a short term fling for Electronic Dance Music. (via Beat My Day)

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We Are Now Connected by Mord Fustang

A new single from Mord Fustang and it is a banger. So far I haven’t come across a single track from him until this one. The cut has a Deadmau5 style and feel to it but I’m not complaining. I enjoyed it very much! Great build up, followed by a great melody into some sick synths. Looking forward to more Mord Fustang in the future.

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Spaceman by Hardwell

Hardwell's long awaited release "Spaceman," already buzzed around the internet for months has finally landed on Earth! It's the follow-up to "Cobra" which is still destroying dance floors worldwide and just saw its Official Music Video premiere on MTV US. Hardwell is again on top of his game and with "Spaceman" continuing his mission, producing peak time records at warp speed with an ever ascending sound. Hardwell road tested this on his latest USA tour and reactions have been clear, killing every crowd out there with probably his biggest drop up to now! With the infectious lead theme unexpectedly dropping two chords and turning into the electro influenced Hardwell bassline, a sure shot for giving the whole dance floor that boost of energy jetting them into space! Hardwell is going places, traveling the world and beyond as Hardwell puts it "Call me a Spaceman!" 

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In My Mind (Axwell Mix) by Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl

I have a feeling this track will dominate the club airwaves as soon as it gets released (tomrrow?). Already scattered across the web, this monster already has so much hype and attention under its belt. For now, we settle for the long preview of the cut by Axwell called "In My Mind" by rising stars Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl from Swedish House Mafia's set at Madison Square Garden. Are you ready?

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Together (Thand Remix) by Axwell & Sebatisan Ingrosso

Thand is a Swedish electro-house producer who just put-up his version of an Axwell & Ingrosso classic in "Together." The remix starts out with the usual stuff, beats and basslines, but then breaks down with the original vocals which then follows-through with his signature stuff... Not bad, not bad at all. Thand actually incorporating some very interesting synths in there, which automatically makes it a pretty good production in my opinion. Bravo!

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Turn Me On (David Guetta & Laidback Luke Remix) by David Guetta

"Turn Me On," David Guetta's Nicki Minaj laced-club hit has seen remixes by Sidney Samson, Michael Calfan, & Sebastien Drums. The newest mix comes from non other than Laidback Luke and is my personal favorite. He turns the vocal-heavy pop track into a dance floor killer with his signature Dutch sound. 

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Give & Take by Netsky

Netsky dropped a new single from his upcoming album yesterday that I managed to get a hold of, It's pretty damn good and reminds me quite a lot of Danger, not surprising given that Netsky used to do electro. Make sure you check this out, if the rest of the album follows suit it's gonna be a massive release. (via ilictronix)

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Out Of This World (Prod. The Olympicks) by A$AP Rocky

The syrup-addled young New York rap savior ASAP Rocky is enjoying a fresh round of attention now that he’s inked his major-label deal. And today, an ASAP track of unknown origins made the internet rounds. 

“Out Of This World” sounds like an older track, one that ASAP made when he was still trying to succeed on lyrically-lyrical trad-NY rap values, back before he became the pan-regional cipher that he is now. It’s either an intriguing look into an artist’s formative months or a weird stylistic left-turn from ASAP. (via Stereogum)

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Flashback (Aucelin Avec Amour Remix) by Calvin Harris

French male/female duo Aucelin recently took Calvin Harris’ big room tune "Flashback" and brought it for a smooth drive through the coast of southern France, giving it a nice and breezy feel with low key funk and vocal focus. A soothing listen, and a free download. (via Remix 86)

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The Look (Two Inch Punch's Shook Shook Rework) by Metronomy

It seems like an odd choice for someone to remix "The Look" considering the album from which it's taken was released early last year, but timing aside, this Two Inch Punch 'Shook Shook' rework is absolutely spot on, and by far the best Metronomy remix we've heard. (via 405)

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Live On An Island (Nat Self Edit) by The Whitest Boy Alive

Would you like a good way to start your Sunday? Listen in to this sweet edit from Nat Self of the Zombie Disco Squad. No question how good the original is by The Whitest Boy Alive but this version ups it a notch onto the dance floor. Sit back, relax and listen to good music.

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Allure (OTTR) (Urban Noize Remix) by Jay-Z, Pharell & Lana Del Rey

Are you familiar with Urban Noize and their mixes? If you said no, I bet you’ve heard the Jay-Z and Adele mix they did called "Won’t Go Wishing" which was featured a while back. To say they’ve got the knack of picking tunes that slot together in perfection when they get mixing is an understatement. 

Anything Lana Del Rey at the moment is hotter than Venus, so it’s a fair bet that this will rocket-up. Check out this mighty powerhouse of Jay-Z, Pharrell & Lana Del Rey with the track, "Allure (OTTR)."

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Atomic Peace by SBTRKT

On his 2011 self-titled record and the assorted non-album tracks he’s been dropping left and right since then, anonymous, genre-busting London producer SBTRKT is giving the UK’s art-dubstep trend a poppy, maximalist run for its money – to great effect, judging by the insane number of gushing timed comments on the stream of his latest leaked banger, “Atomic Peace,” which was just released on SBTRKT’s Soundcloud page though it was recorded in 2009.

The Múm-sampling cut’s got enough percolating synth glimmers, clubby bass, and undulating background drones for James Blake to spread out over an entire record, all packed into a neat, relistenable four-minute package. “Atomic Peace” may be unattached, but we hope we can expect more in this vein from SBTRKT this year. (via PMA)

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Somebody To Love (Aylen Remix) by Rusko

Andrew Lim or, Aylen has been featured on the site multiple times, and every time, he has done nothing but kill his tracks. This kid can remix anything and everything, and they all flat out bang. Aylen will have a huge 2012 due to his funky-electro style and his awesome ability to remix huge tracks no matter what genre they are in.

Rusko's "Somebody To Love" surviving the transformation to moombahton. Melody or vocal-driven tracks often sound warped and unnatural at 110 bpm, but Aylen just pulled it off spectacularly.

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Heartbeat Remixes by Childish Gambino

2012 is shaping up to be a fine year for Childish Gambino. His reputation as a live performer continues to gain a full head of steam just in time for a handful of upcoming tour dates, including a stint at Coachella 2012. Today marks the release of two official remixes of the Childish Gambino track “Heartbeat” by a pair of A-list remixers: Oliver and Treasure Fingers. Pick up these two absolute gems of remixes out TODAY on Glassnote Records. (via Gotta Dance Dirty)

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Can't Stop Me (Aylen Remix) by Afrojack & Shermanology

After the original mix just being released, Aylen braves the remix scene and blesses us with his version of Afrojack & Shermanology's monstrosity of a tune, "Can't Stop Me Now." It maybe a different approach to the song but quality-speaking, none was lost.

This version adding some minor distortion, along with some seriously cool electro additions that’ll make you cup your ear, and tilt your head toward the speakers.

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Born To Feel Beef (The Jane Doze Mash-Up) by Lana Del Rey vs. Calvin Harris vs. Steve Aoki & Afrojack

Two of New York City’s and part of the world’s sexiest DJs (next to NERVO) are back behind the decks, lasing-out more mega-pop dance tracks for our listening pleasure. The Jane Doze with "Born to Feel Beef" reworks Lana Del Rey’s "Born to Die (Gemini Remix)," Calvin Harris’ "Feel So Close," and Steve Aoki & Afrojack’s "No Beef." Quite a mouthful, eh? The end result, a mash-up worthy of some good airtime.

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Human Behavior (Underworld Remix) by Björk

Björk’s 1993 Debut album was a lovely piece of left of center-pop music and the tracks fell into the hands of some of the best producers in electronic music for remix work. Check out this lovely moody house re-fix of "Human Behavior" by Underworld. Building and building over 12 minutes, the piano breakdown just over 10 minutes in is well worth the wait.(via Phuturelabs)

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We Must Go On by Pretty Lights

Derek Vincent Smith (Pretty Lights) released his newest track, "We Must Go On", alongside a music video he made himself. The track he's released is infused with soul, hip-hop vibes, and an uplifting vocal hook. As with a majority of his tracks, Pretty Lights has managed to create an optimistic energy about this tune that almost contradicts the haunting nature of the vocals. The overlays of sound within "We Must Go On" are undeniably beautiful, and truly provide the listener with everything Pretty Lights' music is about. (via EARMILK)

Says Pretty Lights:

"...the creation of this track and video is also an artistic explanation as to why I chose the name 'Pretty Lights' for my musical project. It embodies the essence of the artistic eye and the idea that almost any moment, anywhere, can be a moment of inspiration and beauty."

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Twice (DJ Twist Remix) by Little Dragon

Late night stumbling around YouTube threw up this track by the mysterious DJ Twist, who operates only through that YouTube channel. Although we’ve no idea who DJ Twist is, we love this remix of Little Dragon he’s behind. Twist provides the track with a beautiful piano-based backing – crossing almost into Nujabes territory – underscoring a chipmunked rendition of Little Dragon’s original. 

While we’d normally steer away from chipmunking like the plague, it actually works pretty well here, fitting into the mellow groove of this track. (via Indie Shuffle)

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Bromance Call (Avicii vs. Adventure Club) by Trevor Morgan

There is a 0% chance you know about 18 year old California based producer Trevor Morgan. The only reason I stumbled across his work is because Adventure Club "favorited" one of his mashups of Avicii and Adventure Club on Soundcloud. I'm always skeptical of mash-ups because I truly think its a dying breed, but, its tracks like these that keep the genre alive. (via SkeetBeatz)

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Video: Look Around by Red Hot Chili Peppers

"All four rooms were filmed simultaneously in the round. Instead of having a drawn-out day of shooting, the band completed the video within four whole takes which, according to Hales, is "very impressive." "They had a very clear idea of how they wanted to perform and they nailed it. All in all it was a fantastic experience and I'm very proud of what we created."

Legends of punk-funk Red Hot Chili Peppers have shown time and again you don't need to re-invent yourself to maintain musical longevity - just do it first and always do it better than everyone else. Today the California natives released their latest video in the above "Look Around," maintaining the signature sound and style, through a four-piece creation filled with character.(via Vibe To This)

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Mixtape: Discoe Mix by Miguel Dado

2 years since i last made a mix, its kinda rough but i do hope you enjoy the happier vibe and the smoother grooves!yesterday`s hits with today`s tune-ups! this is FUTURE DISCOOOEE!

Michael Jackson, David Guetta feat. LMFAO, Jay Sean, Taio Cruz, Doobie Brothers, Fantastic Plastic Machine, slow mo piano, solo guitars, orchestral remixes...all without losing that 4/4 kick drum rhythm of house...

Playing tempo is at 120 which means you can disco-dance anytime of day!!

No tracklist as usual, some exclusive tracks inside, unedited disco remixes!

Hit like, hit share and don`t forget to turn it up!! Moaaaaar mixes soon! :)

Enjoy!!! - CEO, Fun O`clock

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EP: Crusaders by Treasure Fingers & Malente

Atlanta-based Treasure Fingers is set to release a second EP entitled Crusaders via Defected Records, and this time he's teamed up with Malente. Crusaders is built around an infectiously funky disco bassline and dope stabs, creating a catchy & impeccable production that make this a must.

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Black Tin Box (feat. Lykke Li) by Miike Snow

I've shared two tracks from my favorite three-headed band with the one man name, Miike Snow’s upcoming album Happy To You, but none of them had as great an impact on me as did the introduction of Lykke Li’s vocals at 2:30 in this track. The song is thoroughly haunting and dark, the perfect combination of two of my favorite artists at this point in time. (via Indie Shuffle)

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Breathe (feat. Tupac Shakur) by Capital Cities

Captial Cities bringing Black Elvis back from the dead to their track and its sounding pretty good. It’s been a while since we’ve heard from our LA friends, Capital Cities. Their recent offering is this unlikely cover, featuring Tupac. This track further exemplifies these guys technical mastery in the studio, as well as their ability to put unique ideas into the universe.

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News: Malasimbo Music & Arts Festival 2012

Malasimbo is our version of a music and arts festival. It is one of a kind and is only in the Philippines. Imagine a festival held in an island setting, overflowing with coconut trees and bright green grass all around. Can't picture the place? Well we got it right here. Located in the beautiful island of Puerto Galera, where the background climbs Mount Malasimbo itself. The exact setting? A grass-terraced amphitheater, 250m above sea level, overlooking Puerto Galera Bay and a proud member of "The Most Beautiful Bays in the World". 

The festival is seen as one of the most important events in the country, helping to spearhed the country's continued advance in music, arts & culture. It blends traditional & contemporary arts & culture with a holistic approach through reforestation & marine preservation. What a way to celebrate music, art and nature all at the same time.

This year, Volume Unit Entertainment and Malasimbo Music & Arts Festival are proud to present the opportunity of a lifetime to musicians and producers from the Philippines and all over the world to become part of the very first release from Malasimbo Recordings featuring the legendary Joe Bataan - King of Latin Soul!

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Ray Charles (Skeet Skeet Moombahton Remix) by Chiddy Bang

There are a few reasons why you might like this remix. First, Chiddy Bang‘s “Ray Charles” is our first taste of their pending album (to be released February 28th), Breakfast. Second, Ray Chares was a great man. Third, moombahton is as fun as hell. Lastly, this moombahton remix of “Ray Charles” is by a guy who calls himself Skeet Skeet. (via Pigeons & Planes)

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Video: Wassup (Prod. Clams Casino) by A$AP Rocky

Harlem rap sensation A$AP Rocky teamed up with VICE to create a video inspired by Scarface, Belly, Enter The Dragon, The Warriors and Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. The result is a video that follows A$AP Rocky through a dreamy fantasy world filled with 40s, Ferari's, homies and hoards of cash.

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News: Animal Collective, Hot Chip + Passion Pit Headliners for Hollywood Bowl 2012

Every year, a new crop of band’s headlines Los Angeles’ iconic Hollywood Bowl and can officially say, you know, they’ve made it. Last year it was bands like TV On The Radio and The National, while the year before that saw Phoenix, Vampire Weekend, and LCD Soundsystem. As the LA Times reports, a couple of this year’s crop may be interesting to you readers, as they are Animal Collective and one-two punch of Hot Chip and Passion Pit. (via Beats Per Minute)

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Going Back To Cali (Viceroy 'Jet Life' Remix) by Notorious B.I.G.

Viceroy has just released part two of his “Jet Life” series, a remix of the Notorious B.I.G.’s “Going Back to Cali”. In November of last year we posted part one of the series, a remix of Wiz Khalifa’s “This Plane” that transformed the original into one of the most interesting and margarita-inducing remixes I have heard in a while.

In part two, Viceroy takes one of the most well-known hip hop songs of the past 15 years and adds his usual touch of tropical greatness. The result is another stellar remix that fits right in to the “Jet Life” series and continues to secure Viceroy’s throne as the “King of Summertime”. He plans on releasing more “Jet Life” remixes every so often and we shall be waiting ever so patiently. (via Vacay Wave)

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Video: On'N'On by Justice

Over the weekend, Justice unveiled the latest video from their dance-prog opus Audio, Video, Disco, and like previous clips “Civilization” and “Audio, Video, Disco,” it’s a deeply silly piece of expansive bullshit. In director Alexandre Courtes‘ video, naked chicks and skulls and diamonds and various other bits of cosmic ephemera fly through space. It’s both utterly kitschy and convincingly trippy, and there’s something to be said for watching a music video that was made with some kind of budget. Watch it below. (via Stereogum)

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Do I See Color by Adventure Club

The dynamic duo of Adventure Club out with some brand new material, fresh and original. There is no stopping for these two. Taking the dubstep scene by storm with an arsenal of remixes (with the best "Crave You" remix) and now an original as the main weapon.

"Do I See Color" is 4 minute infectious hook and a synthy electro sound that’s simultaneously hard but effortless and chilled out… If that even makes sense at all. I like how seamless the drop is, a good one to blast while driving around after dark.

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No Light, No Light (Spector Ryan Gosling Remix) by Florence + The Machine

Spector have taken Florence + The Machine’s sweeping, epic and alluring "No Light, No Light" and wrapped it in their grandiose synth-pop. What was once a soothing piece of beauty, has been transformed into something all the more urgent, more aggressive, and more industrial. I would say the Ryan Gosling reference has something to do with the aggressive urgency of Drive, but to be honest I have no idea on that front… (via The Blue Walrus)

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News: G.O.O.D. vs. YMCMB

So it’s 2012. And things are getting weird. Biggie already taught us what beef really is, but we might need a refresher course, because the term rap “beef” in 2012 is almost as misused as the word “freestyle.” But here we are, and one of the most talked about things in mainstream hip-hop right now is the ongoing feud between—out of all rappers—Common and Drake. It’s hard to avoid, and face it: the shit is entertaining. 

So Common upped the ante with the direct shots fired in the “Stay Schemin’” remix, and now everywhere he goes, he has to answer questions about this beef. And he does answer, because he’s Common, and he seems like a genuinely nice guy, when he’s not beefin’. In his latest Q&A with Chicago’s WGCI, he was asked if he’d need to round up a posse to square off with Birdman (who is staying out of it but said he’s riding with Drake no matter what) and the YMCMB crew, Common answered: 

 “If it had to get to teamin’ up, you know, I’d get my squad too. You know, you can’t forget G.O.O.D. Music, Kanye, and the brothers.” 

 Now, it’s all hypothetical, but this statement makes it impossible for us not to conjure up images of a crew beef between two of the most popular hip-hop conglomerates of our time. G.O.O.D. Music and YMCMB. (via Pigeons & Planes)

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LP: Odyssey To The Sun by sKArm

The Pharm‘s CEO and founder is back with his follow-up to last year’s In Troubled Waters. Odyssey to the Sun, his third full-length LP, is a combination of bass-heavy, carefully crafted beats and lyrical deliveries that echo the confidence of an emcee that’s been in the business for years. (via New Perspectives)

"The sun shines on these terrible times, unbearable fines, clawed out crafts now I have taken whats mine. Glide as it guides as it provides troubled minds the guidelines in remembrance of time. SUNSHINE"

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Original Don (Flosstradamus Remix) by Major Lazer

Chicago-based duo Flosstradamus add a trap music, bass-heavy variation on Major Lazer’s “Original Don”, contributing to the growing repertoire of worthy remixes for the club banger. Major Lazer posted the track up this morning, and it’s available to download for free when you like Flosstradamus’ Facebook page. (via Hypetrak)

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Somebody To Love by Rusko

The video for Rusko’s “Somebody to Love” is nothing out of the ordinary for the elfin Mad Decent DJ—glowsticks light up a balloon-filled rave while he headbangs his moptop for the crowd. But the main glowstick wielder is an older gentleman rocking a t-shirt emblazoned with “WAKE THE FUCK UP” and we couldn’t be happier that the granny getting glammed out in the beginning is on her way to the same party. Romance abound! Rusko’s second LP, Songs, will be released through Mad Decent on March 27th. (via Discobelle)

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Rap & Bitches (feat. Drake) by 1982 (Statik Selektah & Termanology)

A slick vocal sample from Drake’s standout Take Care track “Underground Kings” is the backbone of 1982′s new “Rap & Bitches.” Statik Selektah’s production alternates between piano chords and synths. Termanology adjusts his flow accordingly with two nice flossing verses. There’s some false advertising in this being a sample over an actual Drake feature, but the song is hot enough for that to be forgiven. (via Beats, Boxing and Mayhem)

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Twice (Oliver Rado Remix) by Little Dragon

I did a little about this guy named Oliver Rado who just recently did a remix of Little Dragon's "Twice" but I can't find much on him. What a mystery. Anyway, excellent work on Swedish synth-pop original! The German producer giving some love to the track, dropping almost 8 minutes worth of laid back mid-tempo beats over the original's already steady vibe. Awesome!

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LP: Relax by Das Racist

Das Racist is a Brooklyn-based alternative hip-hop group composed of MCs Himanshu Suri (Heems), and Victor Vazquez (Kool A.D.) and hype man Ashok Kondabolu (Dap). Known for their use of humor, academic references, foreign allusions, and unconventional style, Das Racist has been both dismissed as joke rap and hailed as an urgent new voice in rap.

"Relax" is, above all else, engaging. It’s pleasant to listen to, even if 'pleasant' doesn’t sound like a compliment. It is definitely flawed. Pitchfork had a point in bringing up the “incomplete framework of a record meant to be aesthetically unified and audience-dividing”. But that’s partly why it’s so engaging. (via Those Geese Were Stupified)

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EP: Aretha by Moon Boots

Moon Boots entered the world in the mid-1980s via Cape Canaveral. After years of service as the preferred footwear of celebrity astronauts (notably Tom Hanks), Moon Boots came to life during a classified experiment aboard the International Space Station. Little is known of what actually transpired aboard the shuttle, but in short, Moon Boots became a sentient creature, equipped with reason, intuition, and groove. Before long, he grew tired of working for the space-military-industrial complex and found solace in the soothing sounds of underground disco and R&B boogie records. He knew it was only of matter of time before he was hung up like so many boots before him. He abandoned the program and used his savings to build a music-production studio in an unnamed U.S. location, where he is currently working.

This release carries the name of a well respected artist from Gospel and Soul music, Aretha. It’s a five track EP with the original track “Aretha”, a dub version of it, and remixes from ColeCo , Kid Color and Zimmer.

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The Adventure (Futurecop! Remix) by Angels & Airwaves

The british retro-synth duo Futurecop! puts their formula in Angels & Airwaves track "The Adventure" from their album We Don’t Need To Whisper. I like AVA, and I like Futurecop! so this, for me, is really something! Grab it in the player under this text. I don’t know what genre to label this so I picked one that I though might fit for Futurecop!. 

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