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Another New Track is a Philippines-based music blog. Its aims are simple. To provide daily updates on what's new and what's hot in the music scene, not just locally but from different parts of the world. Different flavors to feed different tastes. To share music that is in need of sharing. And to present music far from what is already part of the mainstream. A blog manned by a music junkie that supports anything and everything about what it is. #ANT encourages you to do the same.


Some of the content on the site comes from copywritten and protected sources. This site was made only to promote the artists not steal from them. If for any reason there is an issue with any copy written content or what not, please contact me immediately and the content will be removed from the site as soon as possible.

Author: Migs Baltasar
Contributor: Emil Angeles
Contributor: Lui Roque

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