Video: Blue Sky by Common

Less than a month in and visuals for the "Blue Sky" video is already out. It is Common's second single for his album, The Dreamer, The Believer, that will be out around next month. Word is that from November it gets bumped to December. What a bummer! 

The Parris-directed video features a find reminder of what inspiration really is. A classic move but very effective. The only way to illustrate the true message of the video, I think. A dancer, a musician, an artist and an athlete, all featured doing what they do best while chasing the dream.

Says Common:

"When I think of 'Blue Sky,' the first thought that came to my mind was just hope and dreams. ...I think 'Man, it's about to be a good day'," he said. "It made me feel like fulfilling my dreams and going to get what I wanted. And that's the theme of the song, 'Yo, go get your dreams.'" (via Aceshowbiz)  

"I'm telling my dream and how I'm going to get it, I'm telling others to get it." 

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Never by Orbital

"Never" is the brand new track from the newly reunited, very influential UK techno duo, Orbital, which is available for download for free. For seven years they haven't released a single and now we have first taste of the double A-sided single. It will appear on the forthcoming eighth studio album to be released in April 2012. It's about time they get to work and get the hamster wheel rolling once again. I hope their efforts surpass that of the Blue Album in 2004.

"The as yet untitled record, due out sometime in 2012, is described by Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll as “a kaleidoscope of everything we like about electronic music. But the biggest influence on this album has been two years of playing live, listening to old Orbital music. We wanted to make music that we would like to play live. It had to flow and ebb like a live set.” Below, you can hear an early taste in the form of the album track “Never” (via COS)

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Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (TMH Moombahcore Bootleg) by Skrillex

Dubstep and moombahton does often sound a like but a remix of one another is almost always a rare case. We all know that this new genre, moombahton, is making headlines and honestly, I'm starting to fancy a lot of it. Here is an example of what I'm talking about. A Skrillex moombahton remix of his debut single, "Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites," from another talent from the Dutch, TMH. Production and potential is great, a few more numbers in the play count and it is ready for the big guns. Banger certified! 

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Everything To Me (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) by LIPS

Not so much a fan of dubstep but for Adventure Club, I always make an exception. There's always that first track that will get you hooked, my first of the group was their version of "Crave You" by the Flight Facilities which is amazing! 

Now the duo get their hands on a new track from Brooklyn-based indie-girl, LIPS. They just have this unique balance when it comes to remixing this type of genre, it's like they were meant to remix indie music. The original of "Everything To Me" gets enhanced into a slow and chill dubstep, changing the tone and tempo completely but retaining the hauntingly chill bedroom-style vibe and vocals. Better watch out for her, she's gaining momentum! 

Do not forget to check out the video below. I get that they're monster remixers but exterminators? Not so sure... See for yourself. Like it or not, the track still is a monster.

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Preview: Lionheart by Afrojack

Screw lazy Sundays! I'm buying a new TV! This is me getting very excited. So to level things with my emotions, I have a preview of Afrojack's big new creation "Lionheart," off BBC Radio 1's Essential Tune. Quality is a bit rough but still enjoyable. Perfect tuneage for the giddy! Check it! 

Download: Lionheart (BBC Radio 1 Radio Rip) by Afrojack

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Documentary: Catch A Fire by Bob Marley & The Wailers

The Wailers, featuring the legendary Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Bunny Wailer, became the most influential band in the history of reggae music. Catch a Fire, their first Island album, released in 1973, introduced them to an international rock audience. Here the principal figures in the creation of Catch a Fire tell the story of how this record was designed to "cross over." The DVD features a unique interview and performance by Bunny Wailer, rare archival interviews with Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, and contributions from many of those who performed on the record. Featuring home movies of the Wailers in Jamaica, previously unseen footage, and unique performances of many album tracks such as "Stir It Up," "Stop That Train," and "Kinky Reggae," this is a documentary that will endlessly fascinate the viewer.In the late '60s, the notion that reggae would become more than just a novelty act would have been laughed at. To break into the mainstream, the movement needed a powerful voice of prophetic proportions. This voice emerged from the collective work of three pioneering friends from Jamaica, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, and Robert Nesta Marley, who sought to bring about an ideological revolution through deeply meditative, hypnotic, and spiritual music. Catch a Fire was the Wailers' and reggae's introduction to the world and turned Bob Marley into a mega-icon of enormous proportions. It was the first album to remain true to the traditions of reggae music while having enough elements that were accessible to popular culture.This documentary, Bob Marley and the Wailers: Catch a Fire, returns to Dynamic Studios in Kingston, Jamaica, shedding light on the development of the album, the thought process of Bob, Peter, and Bunny, and the importance of the music on a song-by-song basis. The story of Catch a Fire is presented through interviews with the band members, studio musicians, and former head of Island Records Chris Blackwell. Throughout are raw studio rehearsal footage, BBC TV footage, and home movies that include performances of "Concrete Jungle," "Slave Driver," "Stir It Up," and "Stop That Train." The documentary wraps up with rare black-and-white footage of the Wailers' tour in Edmonton, London, in 1973 with an electrifying performance of the Burnin' song "Get Up, Stand Up." (via Totally Fuzzy)

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Young Blood (White Sea Remix) by The Naked And Famous

I'm back! It has been a whole day or more since my last post. Pretty busy Halloween weekend here in the Metro. But to get things back on track and to kick-off this lazy Sunday afternoon, I'm going for an oldie from the electro-pop group from New Zealand, The Naked And Famous.

Their album, Passive Me, Aggressive You, was one of the favorites in 2010, and the song "Young Blood" was definitely the ultimate stand-out from the track. This remix from White Sea (Morgan Kibby), who is also sometimes a member of M83, is a very unique take on the popular single. Kibby captures the true essence of the song, going for a lengthy vocal build-up and dropping with choppy cuts to give that soul a nudge. 

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Breakin' A Sweat (It's Alright) by Skrillex & The Doors

RE:GENERATION, a new film by director Amir Bar Lev that pairs together five popular producers with artists from five different generations. Other collaborations include Pretty Lights with Leann Rimes and Ralph Stanley, Nas and DJ Premier with the Berklee School of Music Orchestra, The Crystal Method with Martha Reeves, and Mark Ronson, Mos Def, and Erykah Badu with members of the Dap Kings and Trombone Shorty. The film is scheduled to debut in early 2012 as part of Grammy's Week (via COS).

Here is an interesting collaboration for everyone's taste. A team-up most controversial that it is already stirring the pot even before the actual release of the film. Remaining original members of The Doors team-up with original dubstep juggernaut, Skrillex, for this RE:GENERATION production. I'm not so sure with this one. Some say they killed it, some say it's murder, others say it's only just a song. So whatever the verdict is, I'm still watching the film.

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Video Games (Jakwob & Etherwood Remix) by Lana Del Rey

A few have attempted and only one has caught my attention. As predicted, a number have tried to remix the Lana Del Rey hit, "Video Games." I ran through these numbers and they didn't seem to compute. Most were similar to a long read, boring and a good reason for sleep.  

Good thing they added more numbers to the equation with Jakwob and the young and talented Etherwood. After scoring big with that Ellie Goulding cut, it does make sense that they have them do this remix. A good combination of loops and synths but kind of in a hurry. Very fun track to listen to.

Video Games (Jakwob & Etherwood Remix) by Lana Del Rey

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News: Ladyhawke Working On Second Album

Although Ladyhawke's fame shot to the top faster than a warning shot, it's backfire was as fast as her disappearing act. Now there's word that she is already stressing out with the production of her sophomore. The album is said to drop more or less March of next year. But, good news is that she will be giving out a few freebies this coming November off that sophomore. We can't wait!

So in the meantime, here is a video clip of her smash hit "My Delirium" streaming after the skip.

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Preveiw: Raise Your Head by Alesso

Let's start the Halloween weekend early with a massive drop by Alesso with "Raise Your Head." Although it is still in its preview stage, it has begun making big waves in the scene. Well-equiped with a spooky intro and build-up, heavy and dark synth lines and sinister drops of the bass. Perfect soundtrack for a night of fun trick-or-treating.

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Unreleased: Let's Move (Prod. dsteele) by Common

Out from the vaults is another unreleased cut from Common. "Let's Move" is the name of the cut and production and featured illustrations are by dsteele or Dion Steele. Not much information about the song but one thing is for certain, it will not be present in the Chicago MC's The Dreamer, The Believer album dropping in December. The track brings back the old-school Common rockin' old-school beats which is accompanied by a graphic novel for added presentation. Check It!

"From the vaults of the underground comes a never before heard tale from Chicago's Greatest Street Poet, Common. Common's graphic story comes to life with the assist from visual artist and producer dsteele."

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Some Boys (RAC Maury Remix) by Cut Copy

This will be second Remix Artist Collective post and is also the third remix to emerge out of Cut Copy's upcoming EP, Keys and Codes. "Some Boys" is the third single and is under the wings of RAC. For so long I've been wondering what the difference is whenever there is a "RAC Maury" tag on the remix... Obviously it is under RAC but it turns out, it is under a different person with Andrew Maury.

A multi-tasker similar to Anjos (musician, producer and music engineer) who is responsible for some of the live-mixing of Ra Ra Riot since 08. As usual, the remix is awesome. A mix with over-flowing instrumentals, almost folk-ish with seemingly endless energy but still bangin' on those electro riffs.  

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Free My Mind (RAC Mix) by Katie Herzig

Singer, song writer and folk rock diva, Katie Herzig, recently released her new studio album, The Walking Sleep, which she developed in a span of a year during her tour. “I recorded whenever I was home, and each time it felt like it was a different season of the record.” Now she's rolling out with infectious tuneage from Remix Artist Collective for her "Free My Mind" lead single. This track could be very well described as her "fresh approach to music" or like others would describe it as, "delicate brush strokes on a fine canvas."

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Slight Work (feat. Big Sean) by Wale & Diplo

Wale drops one of his gems off his much anticipated Ambition album that releases in about a week or so. Not so sure about this one being as much anticipated as the album (considering all the hate on Twitter) but the collaboration sure as hell is. A "nasty trifecta" of Wale on vocals, production by Diplo and Big Sean as a feature.

The track is definitely unique but what do you expect? It's a Diplo production. For now it's not as big as it should be but give it a few more listens and it will eventually grow. Not my cup of Joe as well but it deserves a chance just like everything else.

Slight Work (feat. Big Sean) by Wale & Diplo

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Video: Skeleton by The Good Natured

The trio from London or The Good Natured have released new visuals for their single, "Skeleton," streaming below. The electro-pop track was produced by none other than Robyn's Patrik Berger, highlighting more on their acquired "compelling new talent" title from The Sunday Times. Here is more on the single by lead singer, Sarah McIntosh.

Says Sarah McIntosh:

"Skeleton was written in my bedroom and in Stockhom, Sweden. It was produced out there too. Skeleton is about emotional vulnerability. When you're in a relationship, you can become really vulnerable. Skeleton explores the emotion of feeling stripped down to the bone, like somebody knows you so well that everything is laid bare and you have nothing to hide anymore, they know you in both a physical and emotional sense, which can be a frightening prospect. I explored these emotions while playing them against more sexual feelings you have in a relationship. The extreme lust and desire you feel for somebody often overpowers you, no matter how vulnerable you feel towards them."

Bonus: A remix by super synth remixer, Grum. One of the best remixes he has had for a while now. This one beating his other recents. Taking this electro-pop masterpiece to the dancefloor.

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Video: Lost Ones by J. Cole

"With just a Dollar and a Dream, this video was shot in 2008 before I even had a record deal. 3 years later, watching it still gives me the same emotions. This is dedicated to the lost ones." - Jermaine Cole

An old but new visual for J. Cole's very emotional, "Lost Ones," off his successful debut album, Cole World: Sideline Story. It deals with some serious topics other artists won't even think of dealing with. It's just impressive how he hung on to a video of this quality and keep it under the radar for 3 years even before he even had Roc Nation.

"Lost Ones" tells the story of three different perspectives. An acknowledgement to a Lauryn Hill classic with a similar title. Also, the stand-out to his debut.  

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Werk Me by Hyper Crush

A. N. T. from the 80's stylin' electro-pop group of Hyper Crush. As usual it's dirty, just the wake they like it. "Werk Me" is the name and it will be featured in the new album they're working on called Night Wave.

Just a few days have past since it's initial release and already it's raking-in the attention. Probably because the group is known to produce contagious club bangers like "Ayo," or maybe it's because people like it dirty just as they do. Stay tuned for the video, I read that they're already working on it as I type this entry. (via EQ)

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Opaal (Anoraak Remix) by SayCet

Checkout this beautiful Anoraak remix of SayCet's new single, "Opaal." I guarantee you that this will sound good anywhere you are in this world. Dreamy and blissful!

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Video: Big Bad Wolf by Duck Sauce

Duck Sauce premieres new visuals for their single, "Big Bad Wolf," just in time for Halloween. The concept of the comical video is disturbing but creative and well-made via the brilliant mind of Keith Schofield.

The duo of A-Trak and Armand van Helden as literal dick-heads? Weird but don't worry, there is actually an interesting story behind this. According to A-Trak, the clip "is pretty simple, and it can mean anything, really, so we wanted the video to have its own narrative." Also, in their own way, they wanted to bring back the original concept of making a dance video. Says A-Trak: "Remember when dance music videos used to actually be creative? Like when you think back to Aphex Twin, Fatboy Slim and Daft Punk… I don't know why the genre's videos became so generic in recent years." 

More from A-Trak:

"When Keith [Schoffield] came up with this idea of 'crotchfaces,' we just thought it was hilarious," A-Trak continues. "He started coming up with all these gags and describing the characters living in this sort of parallel world, and we were sold. He wasn't sure if we'd be down to play the leads, but our take on this was, if we're going to do this, we need to go all the way. So we played the dickheads, essentially." 

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Love U More (Them Jeans Remix) by Sunday Girl

More Sunday Girl remixes are surfacing. Looks like her "Love U More" is turning out to be remix friendly after all. A great blend of gorgeous sounding vocals, harmonious sounding claps and dreamy synths is the most recent offering by Them Jeans.

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Beast Break (DOSVEC Mash-Up) by B.O.B. vs. Zeds Dead

The mash-up game is stepping up once again with valuable players like DOSVEC as one of the leading contenders. Here is a mash-up of B.O.B.'s "Beast Mode" for vocals and Zeds Dead with "Coffee Break" for the background.

For all you dubstep fans out there, this is definitely a no-brainer. But for those who are not, don't worry. It's not so much of a whompy track considering it has B.O.B. on vocals but it is still dirty nonetheless. A generous serving of vocals with a perfect dubstep side.

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Leak: Ice & Lick It by Kaskade

Tomorrow is the date of release of Kaskade's fourth album, Fire & Ice, exclusively via iTunes. What better way to kick-off a launch than with an unexpected leak of two tracks part of the about to be released album.

First track is a collaboration with Dada Life called "Ice." One of the main tracks of his album, obviously a part of the album tag. Not a fan of this one although it is still a monster of a team-up.

Wasn't really sure what to expect with the Skrillex and Kaskade collaboration till this one came along. The track is pretty intense and high in energy, perfect for big room situations. Exactly what you would get from a Skrillex co-production. Both styles complementing each other, an equal and unique combination of smooth house and filthy electro. This one gets my vote! 

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Night Time (Synkro Remix) by The xx

Like Foster The People, The xx was once also over-played, remixed, covered, and mashed-up. But pardon me, because here is another remix with "Night Time." Still sticking to the theme, I have a perfect ambient remix by a dude named Synkro. A producer based in Manchester, UK.

A true fan would know that it is really difficult to manage a remix coming from The xx because the bar is set high. Well this guy manages to tap that bar with a beautifully made deep and ambient re-make of the classic. A first on Soundcloud and already it's sky-rocketing.     

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Thursday, It Goes Down (A JAYBeatz Mash-Up) by Drake & The Weeknd

Another track to compliment the day, sticking to the chillwave theme. Slow and steady for a Sunday. Here is a mash-up with the newly released "The Real Her" by Drake and The Weeknd's "Thursday." This one knocks down both originals by a mile! It just sounds totally right and tight, clearly both tracks made for each other. Although it should be a steady day, I think it's still best to play this track at full volume. Mad props to JAYBeatz on this one!   

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Low Shoulder by Toro y Moi

I think it's time for some Chaz Bundick music to finally kick-off this lazy Sunday afternoon. I'm not sure why I chose him but I have this feeling that it's just appropriate. Well he does carry the Toro y Moi name and chillwave is his game. "Low Shoulder" is a single off his debut album, Causers Of This, a large cut of ambient samples and dreamy synths together with bumpy percussion and hazy vocals. A collection of slow and soulful but still danceable. 

Though everything I said above was of being chill, the video beneath it is the complete and extreme opposite. Directed by Elisha Smith-Leverock and Chris Murdoch, "a girl makes her way to an eerie dinner, helps herself to a cup of coffee, passes out (which should be the other way around when drinking coffee) and wakes up only to find out that she is now a part and the focal point of a nightmarish Satanic ritual ceremony (via Pitchfork)." Good thing I'm not a fan of coffee.

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Mixtape: Brooklyn.Chicago.London by Urban Noize

A big applause to the Florida-based production team of Urban Noize for coming up with this dope-up mash-up mixtape. A very skillful sample of what they bring up the table. How skillful, you ask? Almost mutant actually, by effortlessly combining three big names in Jay-Z, Kanye West and Adele in an album, that simple (Not!). 8-track rhymes on vocals experience. One of the best I've heard, ever! Pretty dope stuff! 

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Video: Midnight Run by Example

Quite a run for the artist we all know as Example. Elliot Gleave is now sporting an official video for his third single "Midnight Run," a part of his Playing In The Shadows album and an EP especially made for the track alone out December 4.

Video is made up of somewhat a very long bath. Can't make up his mind whether he wants a bath or a shower, switching throughout the clip. Not exactly sure what the concept to this is but I read that it maybe was "about him finding girls and not liking them, then doing a runner at night?" Only Example knows. Two things are for sure, the video was shot in Iceland and that car has Feed Me on its license plate.   

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Pumped Up Kicks (Vaski Remix) by Foster The People

I think it's about time that I post another dubstep track on my site because as far as I know, I only have one. So what better track to post than the remix friendly "Pumped Up Kicks" of Foster The People. True it has been over-covered, played, remixed, and mashed-up way too much but for this one, I'm definitely willing making an exception. 

It starts out with the original bass line but builds up to a catchy dub-filled bag of womp complements of Vaski. Another refreshing track but in a dubstep kind of way.   

Bonus: Might Like You Better (Vaski Remix) by Amanda Blank

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Me And You (Steve Angello Remix) by Nero

"Me And You" by Nero gets Swedish VIP treatment from Swedish House Mafia progressive musketeer, Steve AngelloTouring won't stop this bad boy because there always needs to be room for a solo game. Although countless remixes of the song have already been made, the world just is incapable of rejecting it. The track retains all its glory, from the build-ups, the breaks and the vocals, but Angello gives it a refreshing bath to lengthen its likeability to the extremes.   

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Mylo Xyloto Remixes

Since the Mylo Xyloto leak, DJ's immediately jump on the Coldplay bandwagon of fun. Dozens of DJ's and producers share a piece of themselves in their own unique way. Luckily, two of the most popular DJ's are on board as well.

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Six Ft. Over by Common & Cocaine 80's

Cocaine 80's has put together a new EP and it features a regular team-up with Chicago veteran, Common. Ghost Lady is a project that features some of the lyrically gifted similar to the men behind this featured track. 

A smooth and silky track we have with this stand out. A little bit moody just like the weather. But perfect for a relaxed and laid back Saturday like today. So if you're interested, grab a copy of Ghost Lady from Cocaine 80's. Yes x8! We do! We do!  

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Video: Paradise by Coldplay

And they say that this album will be their last effort because they have nothing left to put up the table... Will they ever run out?! I don't think so because just when you thought they are out of creativity, they always produce another. Coldplay just doing a great job with staying on the relevant side of the industry.

Visuals shot entirely in South Africa via director Mat Whitecross. The band basically is dressed up in elephant suits, separated but meets up for rehearsals (Chris Martin being very late having to travel a long way) then drops the arena anthem in a live performance. Simple but makes you wonder... Am I high? Mylo Xyloto out in 3 days.

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The Real Her (feat. Lil' Wayne) by Drake

The album has been confirmed and the release date is set and final. Drake's Take Care hitting the shelves on November 15th including this track that literally leaked just a few hours ago, "The Real Her."

Drizzy back-tracks to his style of R&B, slowing things down similar to a flow he called "Houstatlantavegas." Perfect for a relaxing evening off work or for other situations if you know what I'm mean... While Lil' Wayne sticks to what he is good at, complementing Drizzy all the way.

Download: The Real Her (feat. Lil' Wayne) by Drake

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Lightwork (feat. Ellie Goulding & Bassnectar) by Lupe Fiasco

New Lupe Fiasco just surfaced and it will be the first leak off the previously cancelled mixtape, Friend Of The People, which is dropping on November 24 (Thanksgiving Day).

Always been a fan of his rhymes. This time, he adds a sample of a favorite with Ellie Goulding's "Lights" remixed by electronic and dubstep producer, Bassnectar, in the mix. What's good about this track is that the background is already stand-alone, with soothing vocals from Ellie and enchanting synths and beats from Bassnectar. Add Lupe to the equation and it's an awesome boom-bap!   

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News: Part IV by Fred Falke

An album long awaited by the French house fans finally has a definite date of release. Fred Falke's debut via Work It Baby is set to drop in December has been a long time coming. But is it really worth the wait?

Not familiar with his work? He is the man behind quality remixes and productions from artists like U2, Lykke Li, Gossip, Miike Snow, Uffie, Ladyhawke, Little Boots and Florrie to name a few.

So what can I say about the album? None because obviously I don't have to it yet. But here is Fred Falke to talk more about the album from a press release he did recently.

Says Fred Falke:

"So much of modern music takes the ideas in the 70′s and 80′s and uses them in a very superficial way. I hope I have managed to create something that re-asserts the musicality of this era within the context of modern music and modern production methods. I’ve always sought to re-align the modern French sound with the musical heritage that informed it, to bring that sound to a young crowd…to make it relevant to them."

It is said that the album will be pure instrumental and will made up of 12 euphoric productions that are nothing short of perfection. A wallop of funky disco grooves, hazy electronica and searing house beats! (Source: MuuMuse) I also read that the album will feature my favorite beach friendly Falke track with "8:08 @ The Beack," best enjoyed with the sun, sand and the sea. 

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Bigger Than You (Prod. Emile) by Kid Cudi

Although being busy with another gig with "How To Make It In America," Kid Cudi still manages to squeeze in something to highlight his ability to make music. Well, he is sort of back and he is reminding us to always be "Bigger Than You." 

An unreleased track dating back to 2007 which he formulated along with Emile, Cudder's co-manager and the man responsible for  most of the production credits on his successful LP. Laid down back in 2007, the song was originally tagged to serve as the opening to Man on The Moon: The End of Day, but due to a premature leak things were reworked and the cut got, well… cut. Today, the mastered version surfaces and and makes a cut back to the airwaves.

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News: (Behind The Scenes) We're All No One by Nervo

Behind the scenes with the twins NERVO and the making of the "We're All No One" video. A Buzzworthy Blog Exclusive via MTV.

Watch as Mim and Liv go through the whole video shoot in a non-orderly fashion while still managing to stay insanely attractive. Watch out for Steve Aoki's cameo, good looking mexican food, a really cool vintage car and a collection of "abnormally attractive and regular" people (girls). Plot of the video still under wraps but rest assured that there will be a lot of girls, girls, girls, girls! Sit tight for the premiere of the video on Friday, October 21 via MTV. 

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