Don't Give Up On Us (Enough Is Enough) (feat. Yolanda Selini) by Avicii

Can't get enough of Avicii? Here is an unreleased production that was tipped to me by a DJ friend (@3milangeles), which I also found floating around the www. Title doesn't look legit, considering there are a whole lot of tracks floating and posting as productions from Avicii, but this one sure is (according to a number of blog sites).

Although this track is Avicii-made, I'm not yet feeling the vocals so much by Yolanda Selini. But knowing his work, it always grows on you. Everything else is nothing but awesome. What started out with his live sets is now making its way to the blog world. Soon enough, everywhere, just like "Levels." Expect a blow-up once this track is officially released.

Bonus Download

Aylen, the DJ/producer that just finished up work on a collaboration with NYC’s ThatMoment, and the resulting tune is a bass heavy, craftily produced remix of Avicii's "Don't Give Up On Us."