Album: iTunes Sessions EP by Lykke Li

Great news for all of you who really appreciate good and genuine music! I have for you a little something from the Swedish songstress, Lykke Li. A 9-track EP made especially for iTunes. Although the project was released way back in August, I believe it's still something worth sharing. iTunes Sessions EP contains cuts from her 2009 debut, Youth Novels and the her recent, Wounded Rhymes. "Hanging High" is for streaming after the track list.

Track List: 

01. Jerome
02. Love out of Lust
03. I Follow Rivers
04. Youth Knows No Pain
05. Silent My Song
06. I Know Places
07. Velvet (The Big Pink cover)
08. Hanging High
09. Interview

"And when it hurts the most
I’ll push a little more
I’m back where I started at
You know I’m a little lost
Like lightning in my heart"