Almost Free by TOKiMONSTA

Originally a song created out of intoxication then eventually made into a remix project for everyone to play with. TOKiMONSTA made a song to represent the alcoholics! Awesome! Pretty funny story on how she was able to come up with something like this. She can't even remember why she came up with the title "Almost Free" in the first place! Which has no significance whatsoever to the song's history. Hit the jump to learn more about the track.

"So every blue moon, I get kinda of drunk and feel like making some music.
Here’s the story: I get home after an awesome night at Low End Theory, then I see my rhodes still hanging in the living room because the 300 lb beast requires more than what is within my own abilities to carry up a flight of stairs to my studio. I felt the urge to make an all rhodes song, so I pseudo jammed on the rhodes and recorded directly into the mobile audio interface I use for my live performances. I didn’t even grab a proper mic to record the percussion–I recorded directly from the shitteous mic on my mac. In which, the percussion consists of me banging and tapping the top of the rhodes body, my car keys, and my snaps. The overall process was just me recording and looping bits into Ableton, then recording more layers, etc. So in total: 1 rhodes (for music and percussion), a pair of car keys, 1 mobile audio interface, 1 mac, 1 drunk girl. So yea, just layers and no edits, but minor EQing to cancel out the hiss from the unbalanced cables I was using. See? Doesn’t take much to make a song.

Listening to the song today, it makes sense that I made this song inebriated because I don’t think I’d make the same key choices if I was sober. Regardless, it has a nice chill vibe so I thought I’d share it with whoever is interested For the life of me, I can’t remember why I named this song “Almost Free.”
Bonus Track:

MHV's version of the TOKiMONSTA's "cosmically intoxicated" masterpiece, "Almost Free." The winner? Probably, cause this remix is dope!