Otis (Live @ MTV VMA 2011)


A last minute addition to the impressive lineup of artists taking the stage, Jay-Zand Kanye West teamed up at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. 

The hip-hop powerhouse pair thrilled the audience at Nokia Theatre LA Live as they offered up a red, white and blue rendition of their hit single "Otis."
Says ANT:

All I can say is that... "Jay was chillin,' 'Ye was chillin,' What more can I say? They killed it!" Check out the video of their MTV live performance and see for yourself.

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Up All Night

Blink 182 is back with the release of the official video for "Up All Night." This track is part of the long-awaited release of their sixth studio album, Neighborhoods under Geffen Records, which will be due for release this September. View the video and let's all welcome back the trio!

Welcome back, Blink 182!
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Where's Are My Keys?

Look who's back and ready to attack, our friendly neighborhood  electro mau5. Deadmau5 is back with a new track reminiscent of his unique and patented style of electronic music. "Where Are My Keys?" is a track full of intense bass pounding and progression. Blast and download the track after the skip.

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A few days ago, Ultra Records released a Beatport exclusive preview from Rocco Rampino a.k.a. DJ and producer, Congorock. Congorock is one of the contenders in the fidget house bracket along with heavy hitters like Crookers and The Bloody Beetroots. 

The recently released preview titled Sirius is obviously a taste of what's to come from his full album in the works. Definitely something to look forward to. So check it out the big room track and stream after the jump.

Sirius by Congorock
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Natural Disaster

What do you get when you hook-up a crazy collaboration between our very own Filipino-Dutch DJ, Laidback Luke and English singer and rapper, Example? You get something called a "Natural Disaster."

Here I have one of the big remixes of the song by Benny Benassi. An awesome remix to compliment the awesomeness of the original. Stream and download Natural Disaster and the remixed version by Benny Benassi below.

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Pop Culture

A while back Madeon's "Pop Culture" video was one of the most watched videos in YouTube. He is a 17 years old pop/house producer from France. Raking over 3.5 million views to date. That's pretty impressive for someone who is still as young as him and who is a self-taught producer for 5 years. He even called it his "little live idea." Nothing little with the success he made with the video.

Pop Culture also has a popular music video in which a fan synced the audio clips with the accompanying scenes from their respective music videos. So if you're mad for Madeon, check out this very creative and well edited fan made music video by Torry Meeks for his Pop Culture track after the skip.

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So Classy Vol. 2


Mixtape by: Alex Wong

I've been waiting around on this mixtape for a while now and finally it came out to play. If you haven't heard the first installment of this series, here is where you can download and check it out. 

Mr. Wong told me that if that first one was all about soul, funk, and the classics of hip-hop, this one was pretty much the same... But with interesting twists. Listen and hear for yourself.

For the love and for your listening pleasure, I give you, So Classy Vol. 2. And always remember... Stay Classy!

"This is going to be such an exciting day, I hope you're enjoying"
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What The Water Gave Me

Florence Welch from Florence + The Machine gives a taste of her soon to be released sophomore record full of promising things with the single, "What The Water Gave Me." Florence and producer Paul Epworth meant business as they came up with a spiritual and relaxing melody that sounds absolutely incredible to the ears. A song so magical that it tickles the soul.

"Let the only sound. Be the overflow."

Watch Florence as she talks about her first Bonnaroo experience, the next album, and her morbid fascinations in her backstage with FUSE interview. Song is out for download and you can download it here.

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Lesson One

Fin-Dow Smith, also known as the man behind Starmith, is out with a "double A-sided" release called "Lesson One EP" in collaboration with French electronic music artist, Alan Braxe. The "French-touch" producer has come up with a number of remixes and productions for artists like Passion Pit, Ellie Goulding, Kylie Minogue and many more. So enjoy the awesome sound and savor the yummy beats! Grab the full release here or stream below.

Lesson One by Starsmith by Vulture Music

Champion by Starsmith by Vulture Music

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Top Of The World (feat. Passion Pit) by Kenton Dunson

Couldn't agree more with Blahblahblahscience when they said that this was the best Kenton Dunson song yet. I personally believe that anything involving Passion Pit is the shit but that's just me. That distinct indie tune of The Reeling just brings you in. Doesn't it? Well I think indie and hip-hop together is just genius! This song, I believe, deserves the Twitter #onrepeat hashtag. Listen, repeat, and download song after the skip.  

Top of the World (feat. Passion Pit) by Kenton Dunson

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Crisp As Fabric Mixtape by Star Slinger

Here is a sample of what a genius, UK remix master, Star Slinger is. A mixtape from an ongoing series of mixtapes from London's legendary nightclub, Fabric. From artists like J Dilla and Drake in the mix, nothing seems to be wrong with it. Hit the skip for the download link and tracklist.
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Fade Into Darkness by Avicii

Ever wonder why Leona Lewis' track Collide sounds very similar to Penguin/Fade Into Darkness? There is actually a story behind this. A copyright problem was at hand because Leona Lewis allegedly used Penguin as a sample without Avicii's blessing which ended up in legal matters. In the end of it all, the dispute was settled. Aside from being recognized in the song, I'm sure the Swedish DJ got some! If you know what I mean...

To all the Avicii fans out there, here is the official video for the song, Fade Into Darkness featuring Danish singer, Andreas Moe by Spinnin' Records.  

Rest your head, I'll take you high.

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Eyes On The Throne Mixtape by Nix Damn P

Mixtape by: Nix Damn P
Art Direction & Illustration by: Notti
Videography & Visuals by: Out of Scratch

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First Of The Year by Skrillex

Here's a new official video release from electro dubstep producer Sonny Moore, more known as Skrillex. "First of the Year," also known as Equinox, had a change of title because according to Skrillex, it was due for release as Equinox but was stolen and released ahead of time. Check out the video of the official and final version of the song First of the Year below.

"Monster vs. Child-abuser"

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New Beat (Star Slinger Dancehall Mix) by Toro Y Moi

Remix master Star Slinger got to work on Toro y Moi's track called "New Beat" and now it is out for the people to be heard. Instead of opting for the typical dance beat, he went with a more unique style of 'riddim' which is more danchehall/reggae. Stream and download after the skip.

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Holocene by Bon Iver

An absolutely incredible song with an absolutely incredible video to go along with it. Bon Iver's Justin Vernon has just released a new single called Holocene following their first release, Calgary. The video was shot in the beautiful glacial landscapes of Iceland to properly represent this passionately made track. The person responsible for this video is director Nabil Elderkin who: 

highlights the heart of the song by focusing on the expansive glacial landscapes that seem to dwarf the wide-eyed boy. 

Bon Iver is set to release a 12" along with their cover of Peter Gabriel's "Come Talk To Me" early next month. Check out the visually stunning video of Holocene below.

"And at once I knew I was not magnificent. High above the highway end."
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Frick Park Market by Mac Miller

Mac Miller recently announced the release of his first single and its video, "Frick Park Market," off his debut album called Blue Side Park now available for download in iTunes. Will he attain the fame that rap superstar Eminem has accomplished? According to Trump he will but this has still yet to be seen. Video and download after the skip.

"I ain't no hipster but girl I can make your hips stir!"

Frick Park Market by EARMILK
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Help, I'm Alive by Metric

Today I came across a video of one of my favorite songs from the Canadian indie band, Metric. "Help, I'm Alive" is the lead single from their fourth studio album, Fantasies, which was released December of 2008. The video is actually a short film directed by Deco Dawson and was described as "a short film set in an imaginary landscape." The video is made up of various cuts from their December 2008 tour.

Check out the video after the skip.

What's your favorite Metric song?
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When The Night Falls (Breakbot Remix) by Chromeo

Unintended pregnancy is definitely a big no for women all over. But apparently, listening to this track will surely do the job.

Every time this electrofunk duo makes music magic, I'm sure even the guys get pregnant with their funky electronic beats! Check out the video for the latest Chromeo creation, "When The Night Falls" featuring Solange Knowles from their album, Business Casual.

Do you fancy New Disco? Here is the remixed version of the track by Breakbot. If you like the funky 80's sound, then you should definitely check this track out. Stream after the skip.

When The Night Falls (Breakbot Remix) by Chromeo
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News: Audio, Video, Disco

Justice has announced their new album and supposedly its going to be exactly what I was hoping — a massive Arena rock album called Audio, Video, Disco.  Some lucky bastard from pitchfork got a sneak listen and has dubbed it a animatronic amalgam of every band that caused people to raise their fists in the 70s. Well whatever that means its sounds awesome and I am excited for a few leaks/previews etc.

Says ANT:

With tracks like Waters of Nazareth, D.A.N.C.E. and Civilization, you can never go wrong with Justice. Civilization is the first single from the their upcoming album. It first sampled in the Adidas "All In" ad which was about 2 minutes long. 

The French electro-head duo will be releasing their "arena-rock-inspired" LP this coming October 25th. Sounds like an awesome album to me. Will they be retaining the cross symbol? Find out in their latest interview with Pitchfork regarding the new album.

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No One Believes Me by Kid Cudi

"No One Believes Me" is the official video for the upcoming remake of the classic horror film, Fright Night, starring Colin Farrell.

This video is directed by Craig Gillespie who will also be directing the remake of the 1985 horror-comedy. Produced by Dot Da Genius, this video promises to illustrate the signature Kid Cudi style and his path to the genre of rock.

Check out the new video of Kid Cudi "No One Believes Me" below.

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The Sun by The Naked And Famous

Despite being banned from YouTube, this very artistic and tasteful video of the Naked And Famous is still up and running. But what was the reason behind the video being disallowed on the popular video-sharing website? You be the judge to that.

Our new music video for 'The Sun'. Already banned off YouTube. Amazing job Special Problems, blown away once again.

Watch "The Sun" video below:

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A Long Time (Chromeo Remix) by Mayer Hawthorne

Earlier today, Mayer Hawthorne announced that from now until his album releases that we should expect goodies from him every Monday, cleverly titled #MayerMonday, so be on the lookout for more from Mayer!

Says ANT:

Everyone knows that "Mondays are the potholes in the road of life." Maybe the #MayerMonday series is not such a bad idea after all? At least now there is something to look forward to every Monday, "something new for ya'll to start the week of right!" Follow Mayer Hawthorne for a free gift every Monday. Here is Chromeo's funkier version of his new single, "A Long Time."

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Rollin' (Diplo's Instrumental Mix) by Jackie Chain

Here's a track with a definite Wesley Pentz sound, better known as the DJ/Producer, DiploListening closely to the track, you will actually hear a sample from Orbital's Halcyon + On + On, a more upbeat remix of the original. This track is clear proof of Diplo's ability to produce. From the Fear and Loathing in Huntsvegas album by Diplo & Benzi under Paper Route Records, the instrumental version of Rollin' by Jackie Chain.

Rollin' (Diplo's Instrumental Mix) by diplomaddecent
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Otis (Cookin' Soul Remix) by Jay-Z & Kanye West

Spanish DJ's Big Size, Milton and Zock, also known as the trio of Cookin' Soul have come up with a new project including two of the biggest names in the business, Jay-Z and Kanye West. From their latest masterpiece, Watch the Throne, here is Otis (Cookin' Soul Remix).

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